Stock Planets

The planets are celestial bodies moving in an elliptical orbit around a star similarly to  prices of shares thats move on the basis of corporate earnings and assets. Currently, there are 290 listed companies trading in the Colombo Stock Market and 9 key companies control the direction of the market. We have analysed below the top companies mirrored as top stock planets for the purpose of investing in shares and representative tokens.

Movement of  these companies or the so called top planets have been tracked and plotted on graphs based on key financial coordinates such as Price Earnings (PERx) and Price to Book Value (PBVx), Market Capitalization, to determine the future movement and other changes that may affect the financial well being of the planet as well as its inhabitant investors. These financial coordinates have been defined as planet orbit period, gravity and mass, for the purpose of the astro analysis and reporting. Read Concept Paper

All investors can now invest in these corporate planets by purchasing NFT tokens now available in the Opensea NFT Market or invest in the shares listed in the Colombo Stock Markets. NFT was launched on 14th February 2023. 

Subscriber are also encouraged to subscribed to Exclusive Astro Reports now available under our featured products section which will help investors to wisely invest in shares and tokens.